Paul Smith’s (Year 2)



PAUL SMITHS, NEW YORK Almost exactly one year ago, artist Aquil Virani was discovering for himself the beauty and the culture that Paul Smith’s College offers to new students, creating a memorable 4 x 6 foot painting that featured the contributions of over 200 incoming freshmen students.

On Tuesday, August 26th, Virani unveiled the 2014 edition of his collaborative artwork based on a new set of 300+ sketches. The multimedia piece was transferred to the Joan Weill Adirondack Library order Deltasone for students to see up close…

Read more by clicking the headline below. purchase Prozac Generic Zoloft The 2014 Summary Document includes a one-page press release, an artist biography, an explanation about the project process, an artist statement about the piece, a review of press about the project as well as several testimonials from freshmen and faculty at Paul Smith’s College.