1. What is Ottawa Inshallah?

Cliquez ici pour lire en français.

Ottawa Inshallah is a bilingual art anthology to be produced by artist Aquil Virani that features 25 Ottawa-based Muslim artists who dream of a better future.

The interdisciplinary project starts soon with an open call for submissions in any visual medium that can fit on a printed page – whether drawing, photography, henna art or poetry and writing. Two separate hour-long Zoom workshops will help artists brainstorm creative ideas to submit (if they need it). These online gatherings will also serve as a Q&A for prospective artists. Submissions will be judged by an esteemed jury of three. 25 selected artists will receive a modest honorarium and a free copy of the anthology.

2. Why Ottawa Inshallah?

Our stories. Reclaiming the narrative. Dreaming of the future. Building a budding Islamofuturism movement. Representing pluralism and dismantling the monolith associated with Muslims in broader, Western culture. Growing community strength and inter-community connection.

3. Download the full call for submissions

Click here to view and download the call for Ottawa-based Muslims to submit their art and writing to the anthology. Selected artists will be paid a modest honorarium. Email me at aquilvirani[at]gmail.com if you have any questions.

4. Zoom workshop and Q&A

An English and a French (optional) hour-long Zoom workshop will help artists brainstorm creative ideas to submit. These will also serve as Q&A sessions for prospective artists about the project. Again, if interested in being kept in the loop, send me a quick email.

5. Thanks to the City of Ottawa’s Diversity in the Arts fund for supporting the project.

Learn more about my artistic projects elsewhere on this website. Cliquez ici pour lire en français.