Ottawa Inshallah is a bilingual art anthology, produced by artist Aquil Virani, that features 25 artworks from Ottawa-based Muslim artists who dream of a better future.

The interdisciplinary project started with an open call for submissions in any visual medium that could fit on a printed page – whether drawing, photography, henna art or poetry and writing. Two separate hour-long Zoom workshops helped artists brainstorm creative ideas to submit. Submissions were judged by an esteemed jury of three. Selected artists received a modest honorarium and a free copy of the anthology.

How can I purchase a copy?

You can buy a copy of the anthology here. If you have any questions, please email me at aquilvirani[at]gmail[dot]com.

Why Ottawa Inshallah?

Our stories. Reclaiming the narrative. Dreaming of the future. Building a budding Muslim Futurism movement. Representing pluralism and dismantling the monolith associated with Muslims in broader, Western culture. Growing community strength and inter-community connection.

AquilVirani · Ottawa Inshallah on CBC Ottawa Morning

Who are the artists and writers involved?

The artists and writers in the anthology include: Pansee Atta, Assma Basalamah, Monia Mazigh, Noor Siddiqi, Sarah-Mecca Abdourahman, Shamima Khan, Self_Saboteur (Naheen Ahmed), Aliya Amarsi, Maria Malik, Zubair Hossain, Mariam Gabr, Marwa Talal, Anisa Khan, Arzoo Zaheer, Adil Amarsi, Anonymous / Anonyme, Iman Korenic, and Zainab Hussain. There is also an artwork and introduction by Algonquin Anishinaabe artist, Dara Wawatie-Chabot.

A preview of the APT613 article on Ottawa Inshallah featuring the opened anthology showing a spread showcasing the work of the Silk Road Institute.

Read an article about the anthology on Ottawa’s APT613 by clicking here.

About the Silk Road Institute

The Silk Road Institute was created to Increase the representation of Muslims in the Canadian cultural mosaic through captivating artistic programming that includes: Silk Road Theatre (North America’s first professional Muslim theatre company), Silk Road Academy, and Creative Arts Grants that support innovative artistic creations by Muslim Canadian artists.

“We’re dedicated to creating and promoting captivating and professional artistic and cultural programming that fosters cross-cultural dialogue and strengthens Muslim representation, visibility, and contributions within the Canadian cultural mosaic.”

Thanks to the City of Ottawa’s Diversity in the Arts fund for supporting the project.