Aquil Virani’s Artist CV

Aquil Virani is a self-taught artist. After being accepted to Emily Carr University, he chose instead to pursue academic studies at McGill University after being awarded the J.W.McConnell Major Scholarship. His most recent projects blur the line between art and activism; he makes socially-conscious art that involves simple public participation, using art as a tool for social change.

Awards, grants, honours

Prize Winner, Artiste pour la paix 2018 (“Artist for Peace” Award) – Les Artistes pour la Paix (APLP). Montreal.
Group winner, Canadian Museums Association Award for Outstanding Achievement in Art Exhibitions (Geopoetics group show). Vancouver.
Certificate of Achievement (Top 10), 2018 Portrait Competition, Portrait Society of Canada. Toronto.
Official Selection, Jubilee Arts International Film Festival (juried), Cinema NOS. Lisbon, Portugal.
National winner, Best Short Film – Jubilee Arts Canada: Arts festival for Ismaili Muslims (juried), curated by Hanif Shariff. 4 Seasons Performing Arts Centre. Toronto.
Provincial winner, Best Mixed Media Artwork – Jubilee Arts Quebec (juried), curated by Ashina Sheriff. Oscar Peterson Hall. Montreal.
Acquisition by McCord Stewart Museum collection (Prints from the “26 Project” and “Postering Peace”). Montreal.

Digital Art Grant from the Michaelle Jean Foundation – Combatting Hate Advancing Inclusion (CHAI). Ottawa.
Provincial Winner, CANFAR Art Exhibit (juried). Canadian Foundation for Aids Research. Toronto.

National winner, Conceptual Illustration of the Year (juried), Applied Arts Canada. Toronto.

People’s Choice Award, Visual Impact group show (juried). Samuel Bronfman Building, McGill University. Montreal.

Solo shows + projects

CelebrateHer, presented in collaboration with Imago Theatre, McGill University’s Morrice Hall. College de Rosemont. Montreal.
Vi ikke jeg – collaboration with Copenhagen Poetry Club, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Portrait of Sherin Khankan – gift delivered to Mariam Mosque, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Google Oversæet, bus stops throughout Nørrebro neighbourhood, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Build Love, Elin Pelin, Sofia, Bulgaria.
Ela é uma mulher incrível, LX Factory, Lisbon, Portugal.
Official banner for Women’s March 2018 in Montreal, invited by Dahlia Jiwan, Place des Arts, Montreal.
27 Seconds of Clare Byarugaba (online video). Montreal.
Postering Peace: Combatting Islamophobia (documentary), commissioned by the Michaelle Jean Foundation, Ottawa.
Portrait of Homa Hoodfar, invited by Amanda Ghahremani, Canadian Centre for International Justice (CCIJ), Ottawa.
Here is a gift (exhibit), curated by Courtney Holmes, Arts Underground, Whitehorse.
Artist-in-residence, invited by Courtney Bringley. Paul Smith’s College, New York.
The Life Jacket Project, invited by Dale Miller, World Conference on Drowning Prevention, Vancouver.
Supporting artists that are women (event), invited by Devon Kalyniw, Mural Festival, Montreal.
Portrait of Juanita Westmoreland-Traoré at #LawNeedsFeminism National Forum (event), commissioned by Rachel Kohut, 8 Queen, Montreal.
Anna Politkovskaya: Live art in collaboration with Imago Theatre (event), Centaur Theatre, Montreal.
Collaborative artwork at the 10th Annual Canadian Muslim Forum Banquet, Le Chateau Royal, Laval.
Intractable Woman cover (illustration), commissioned by Micheline Chevrier, Imago Theatre, Montreal.
Stronger Together: Live, collaborative art at the Montreal Vigil for Québec City Muslims (event), Parc Metro, Montreal.
The 26 Project: What adjectives describe inspiring women, Montreal.
Official banner for Women’s March in Montreal, invited by Barbara Bedont, Place des Arts, Montreal.

My Canada, curated by Dan Conlin. Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, Halifax.
Artist-in-residence, invited by Courtney Bringley. Paul Smith’s College, New York.
The Giveaway Project: Free art at local bus stops, Montreal.
NHL’s Ottawa Senators Fan Fest 2016 – Interactive art, Ottawa.
The 100 Project: 100 Artworks in 1 Week, Montreal.
“What defines your perspective?” in collaboration with TEDxMontreal conference, Montreal.
Limitless: Canadian Special Olympics Gala (with The Idea Hunter)- Interactive art, Toronto.
Live Painting at the Ronald McDonald House Charity (with The Idea Hunter), Mississauga.
“Qu’est-ce qui vous fait vous sentir chez vous ?” TEDxHEC conference, Montreal.
Love Letters to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Toronto.
The Art of the Lip, Live Chalk Art at the MAC Cosmetics Launch on Ste. Catherine’s street (With The Idea Hunter), Montreal.
Smart Cities Challenge Co-Design Session: Live Illustration, McConnell Foundation, Ottawa.
#ShawnMitchLife Live Art event, Montreal.
“Tronald Dump” Balloon Project, 200 King Street, Toronto.
Your Last Creative Moment, CSFX16, Toronto.
Truth and Reconciliation Commission Awareness Campaign, Canadian Roots Exchange. Montreal.
Cities For People Illustration commission, The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, Montreal.
Private commission: Lucas Topham, Montreal. “L to K.”
Private commission: Cory Bensen, Vancouver. “For Emma.”
Private commission: Anya Chif, Montreal. “Le Petit Prince.”
Private commission: Darren Johnston, Montreal. “The Babadook.”
Private commission: Nini Pattinier, Vancouver. “65.”

Canada’s Self Portrait, Canada-wide art project, Galerie Mile-End, Montreal.
The 24 Project: 24 artworks in 24 hours for my 24th birthday, Montreal.
Artist-in-residence, invited by Virginia McAleese. Paul Smith’s College, New York.
“What Does Innovation Look Like?” Babson College Entrepreneurship Forum, Boston.
#100PourcentHumain Live Painting with ENSEMBLE pour le respect de la diversité. Galerie Gora. Montreal.
Live Painting project sponsored by MindGeek, Laval.
Private commission: Duane Jones, Ottawa. “Male form.”
Private commission: Anna-Marie Jones, Halifax. “Three Sisters.”
Private commission: Dane Stewart, Montreal. “Gandalf.”
Private commission: Jordana Weiss, Toronto. “A gift to my mentor.”

Canada’s Self Portrait Tour, St. John’s, Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Jasper, Vancouver, Victoria.
ARTPROV, Art and Improv Event, Montreal Improv, Montreal.
Artist-in-residence, invited by Virginia McAleese. Paul Smith’s College, New York.
Live painting, “Half-truth” Musical Event with Matthew Hiscock, Montreal.
Colorgraphics Creative Challenge, L’Oréal Canada (Matrix Canada), Montreal.
Painting donation to “Matthieu Mon Ange” fundraiser, Montreal.
Live painting, The Nest Café Grand Opening Event, Montreal.

We Are All Artists Project, invited by Virginia McAleese. Paul Smith’s College, New York.
Live painting donation, De La Rue Aux Étoiles, Dans la rue, Montreal.
Set design and painting, Players’ Theatre production of Macbeth, Montreal.

COPYCAT Solo Show, Fridge Door Gallery, Montreal.
Public art commission (mural), McConnel Engineering Building at McGill University, Montreal.
Live drawing commission, School of Extended Learning, Concordia University, Montreal.
Private commission: Adrienne Hiles, Montreal. “Wedding.”
Private commission: Sara Scharf, Montreal. “Nudus.”
Private commission: Jordana Weiss. “Beautiful nude.”

MINDFCUK Solo Show, Fridge Door Gallery, Montreal.
Aquil Virani Solo Show, Service Canada Centre, Montreal.
Body painting, ECOuture 2011 Fashion Show, Club 737. Montreal.
Live painting, TEDxEvent, Bain Mathieu, Montreal.
Private commission: Andy Shariff, Montreal. “Embrace.”
Private commission: Keegan Balcom, Montreal. “Imagine.”
Private commission: Matrix Canada, Montreal. “Socolor.”

Live painting, “ARTifact,” TNC Theatre, McGill University, Montreal.
Live painting donation, ECOuture 2010, Fashion Show Montreal Science Centre, Montreal.

“What Makes You Happy?” Project, McGill’s Nuit Blanche. Montreal.

Group shows

Lancement du Manifeste pour la Paix, curated by Andre-Michel, Atrium du Conseil des Arts de Montréal (Montréal), Musée des beaux-arts de Mont-Saint-Hillaire (Mont-Saint-Hillaire), Festival de la Paix de Victoriaville (Victoriaville).
Jubilee Arts – International Arts Festival for Ismaili Muslims (juried), Parque das Naçoes. Lisbon, Portugal.
Moi m’aime (charity fundraiser), curated by Xavier Bonpunt. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Centre d’apprentissage parallèle. Montreal.
Archipelago: Living Museum, curated by Cristina Cugliandro. Rialto Theatre. Montreal.
Jubilee Arts National Juried Arts Festival, curated by Hanif Sheriff. Four Seasons Performing Arts Centre. Toronto.
Avocats Sans Frontières fundraiser. Loft Hotel. Montreal.
Jubilee Arts Regional Juried Arts Festival, curated by Karima Tajdin. Oscar Peterson Concert Hall. Montreal.
The art that inhabits us, curated by Celine Le Merlus. Stewart Hall Art Gallery. Pointe-Claire, Quebec.
150 Muslim Contributions to Canada, Ontario 150 Celebration Program, Peel Art Gallery and Museum Archives, Brampton.
Nuit Blanche Documentary Screening. Toronto Reference Library. Toronto.
The Silk Road Institute’s 4th Wall Showcase. Aga Khan Museum. Toronto.
Géopoétique, curated by Kasia Basta. Stewart Hall Art Gallery. Pointe-Claire.
150 Muslim Contributions, curated by Maduba Ahmad, MuslimFest, Mississauga.
Wish150 Montreal, curated by Kim Boucher Morin, Galerie Mile-End, Montreal.
Speak Our Minds. Thomson House Gallery. McGill University. Montreal.
Avocats Sans Frontières Fundraiser. Thompson House Gallery. McGill University. Montreal.
Dans la nature, curated by Dia Tsitouras. Galerie Mile-End, Montreal.
Equinoxe, Galerie USINE 106u, curated by Eric Braun. Montreal.
Skeletonic, curated by Mira Silvers. Cinema du Parc. Montreal.
L’Expression. Prestige Studios. Montreal.
Light Bite, curated by Alban Low. Light Night Festival, Nottingham, United Kingdom.
ECOuture, curated by Andaleeb Shariff. Caramel Lounge, Montreal.
SEDE Calendar vernissage, curated by Veronica Amberg, Faculty Club, McGill University, Montreal.
Body Talk, curated by Marina Cutler. Avenue Art, curated by Marina Cutler, Montreal.
Open Fridge, curated by Alban Low. Gallery 89, London, United Kingdom.
ART SUP in collaboration with the McGill Daily. Le Cagibi, Montreal.
Visual Impact. Bronfman Building of McGill University, Montreal.
SEDE Calendar vernissage, curated by Veronica Amberg. Faculty Club, McGill University, Montreal.
On The Road. Arts Undergraduate Society, McGill University. Montreal.
Cruxism, curated by Amanda Brownridge. Fridge Door gallery, Montreal.
Vision. Charnwood Arts, Leicestershire, United Kingdom.
DisConnect, curated by Amanda Brownridge. Fridge Door Gallery, Montreal.
Art Shift. Fridge Door Gallery, Montreal.

Press coverage + publications

“Muslims in Canada: The Bigger Picture.” Shazlin Rahman. Inspirit Foundation. Toronto.
« Aquil Virani célèbre la diversité des femmes » Éric Clément. La Presse. Montreal.
“CelebrateHer: Twelve inspiring, everyday women.” Laura Casella. Global News. Montreal.
« De l’art comme outil pacifiste au MBAM. » Caroline Montpetit. Le Devoir. Montréal.
“Perfect Metaphor.” Aquil Virani. Art/iculation (Vol. 3, Art of Healing). Montreal.
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“CelebrateHer with artist Aquil Virani and honouree Rachel Zellars.” Sue Smith. CBC Radio’s Homerun. Montreal.
“Interview with visual artist Aquil Virani.” Sarah Deshaies. CKUT Radio’s Upstage. Montreal.
« Aquil Virani, artiste pour la paix 2018. » Agence QMI. TVA Nouvelles. Montréal.
“Aquil Virani: Art as a medium for social change.” The.Ismaili Online. Toronto.
“Postering Peace: An Interview with Visual Artist Aquil Virani.” Chelby Dangle. MuslimLink. Ottawa.
« Le pouvoir des arts : trois jours mémorables. » Pierre Jasmin. L’aut’journal. Montreal.
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“What’s On: Archipelago.” Christine Long. CTV Montreal.
“Odd Stumble’s Archipelago dunks on traditional gallery experiences.” Josh Marchesini. McGill Tribune. Montreal.
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“Yukon chiefs’ personalities ‘shine through’ in colourful paintings.” Philippe Morin. CBC North. Whitehorse.
“Arts Underground artist-in-residence Aquil Virani.” Vince Fedoroff. The Whitehorse Star. Whitehorse.
« L’ici et maintenant d’Aquil Virani. » Olivier de Colombel. L’aurore boréale.
« Les arts en fête à Pointe-Claire. » Éric Clément. La Presse. Montreal.
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“Featured alumni” (video), shown at all convocation ceremonies at McGill University. Montreal.
“Portrait of Imago.” Erin Lindsay. Imago Theatre. Montreal.
“#CelebrateHer recognizes inspiring women.” Sabrina Marandola. CBC’s Homerun (radio). Montreal.
“Nominate an inspiring woman.” Sonmin Bong. The F Word: Feminist Media Collective (radio). Vancouver.
“Preview: Colour Outside the Lines combines improv and multicultural perspectives.” Xavier Tolentino. Bad Feeling Magazine. Montreal.
“Our favourite #McGillProud story.” Mark Sinclair. McGill University Alumni. Montreal.
“Alumni hear young entrepreneurs’ stories.” McGill News Magazine. Montreal.
“Go Beyond the Canvas: A discussion with Aquil Virani.” Annie Rochon. The Apollos. New York.
“The Quebec City Mosque Attack: What we know so far.” The Globe & Mail. Canada.
« Des oeuvres, un silence et des mots. » Odile Tremblay. Le Devoir. Montréal.
“Vigil for Quebec City victims.” Sarah Jesmer. The Link newspaper. Montreal.
“Canada wraps its arms around victims of mosque attack.” Jaela Bernstien, Loreen Pindera. CBC Montréal.
“Manifestation des femmes contre Donald Trump à Montréal en direct.” Canoë Télévision. Montreal.

“Free art!” Mike Finnerty. CBC’s Daybreak (radio/television). Montreal.
“The Giveaway Project: How one Montreal artist is sharing art for free.” Morgan Davis. McGill Tribune. Montreal.
“Street art ‘Lite'” Kelsey Litwin. The Link newspaper. Montreal.
“Sending positivity through public art.” Jessica Kinnari. The Concordian. Montreal.
“Alumni Spotlight: Aquil Virani.” Jasmine Boyes. Southridge School Annual Report. Vancouver.
“Live immersive art experience.” Lina Racaniello. TEDxMontreal blog. Montreal.
“Consider your Canada at Pier 21.” Morgan Mullin. The Coast. Halifax.
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Teaching, workshops, lectures

Panelist, “Arts & Reconciliation” and “Arts & Discrimination,” Power of the Arts National Forum, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.
Panelist, “International Artist & Filmmaker Q&A,” Jubilee Arts International Film Festival, Cinema NOS, Lisbon, Portugal.
Guest speaker, “Je suis pas la seul,” invited by André Michel, Conseil des arts de Montreal.
Workshop facilitator, “Asylbørns fremtid,” Trampolinhuset, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Workshop facilitator, “Vi er alle menneske” with The Human Library Organization, Copenhagen Open High School, Denmark.
Keynote speaker, “Every act is political,” Paul Smith’s College, New York.

Guest speaker, “Les oeuvres collaboratives,” invited by Mark Rostrup, Alfred B. Dixon Elementary, Vancouver.
Guest presenter, “Canadian Diplomacy in Support of Human Rights,” hosted by Canadian Centre for International Justice (CCIJ), Montreal.
Conference presenter, “Collaborative art highlights best practices,” World Conference on Drowning Prevention, Vancouver.
Keynote speaker, “Artist Talk from Artist-in-Residence Aquil Virani,” Arts Underground, Whitehorse.
Workshop facilitator, “Participatory art with Aquil Virani,” Stewart Hall Cultural Centre, Pointe-Claire.
Keynote speaker, “Art brings us together,” Paul Smith’s College, New York.

Keynote speaker, “A twist of inspiration” invited by Kay Dass. McGill Young Alumni Association, Galerie MX, Montreal.
Presentation, “My story, my perspective,” TEDxMontreal conference, Montreal.
Keynote speaker, “We are all artists.” Paul Smith’s College, New York.
Guest speaker, “Art makes me feel at home.” TEDxHEC conference, Montreal.
Arts Curriculum Leader, Centauri Arts Camp, Toronto. (cancelled due to scheduling conflict)
Guest speaker, invited by Kay Dass, Work Your BA Conference, McGill University, Montreal.
Guest speaker, “My journey into art” invited by Susy Baranszky-Job. Southridge High School, Vancouver.
Participant, Kyle Jackson’s Empress of Ireland collaborative artwork, Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, Halifax.
Artist mentor, Mural creation project with Jimmy Baptiste, McGill Faculty of Education, Montreal.

Keynote speaker, “We are all artists.” Paul Smith’s College, New York.
Guest speaker, “Staying true to your passion.” invited by Susy Baranszky-Job. Southridge High School, Vancouver.

Presenter and panelist, “Drawing Canadian identity” invited by Anita Bromberg. Canadian Race Relations Foundation Symposium, Ottawa.
Resident artist and workshop facilitator, “Artful poster-making” invited by Susy Baranszky-Job. Southridge High School, Vancouver.
Keynote speaker, “We are all artists.” Paul Smith’s College, New York.
Sessional workshop facilitator, Overture With The Arts, Riverdale High School, Montreal.
Guest speaker, “Where I am (going).” Southridge High School, Vancouver.

Keynote speaker, “We are all artists.” Paul Smith’s College, New York.
Sessional workshop facilitator, Overture With The Arts, Riverdale High School, Montreal.

Guest speaker, We Are All Artists Project, Southridge High School, Vancouver.