Aquil Virani is a live artist and graphic designer based in Montreal.


An award-winning creator

Aquil’s “Canada’s Self Portrait” artwork recently won this year’s Applied Arts Conceptual Illustration award.
This 800-person, coast-to-coast collaborative art project and documentary on Canadian identity is to be exhibited at the Canadian Museum of Immigration this summer, adding Halifax to a list of North American cities on his resume such as New York, Boston, Toronto, Ottawa, and of course, Montreal.

He has been called the “people’s artist” for his emphasis on accessible art practices and social issues; his creative projects have been featured on television, radio, print and online by the CBC, Global News, CTV, NPR, La Presse, Breakfast Television, the Montreal Gazette, Applied Arts and many others (full list further below). He is always open to hearing about new projects and considers himself extremely lucky and privileged to do what he loves everyday.



An accomplished designer

Aquil was accepted into the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada in 2013, working as a designer since 2008.
His body of work to date includes an impressive creative range from shoe designs, illustrations, logo designs, report layouts, posters, and marketing materials in industries such as beauty, food, health & wellness, theatre, corporate law and the non-profit sector.

L’Oréal, McGill University, Maybelline, Shoppers Drug Mart, Just For Laughs International Comedy Festival, Concordia University, Crane Canada, The J.W.McConnell Family Foundation, and the University of Toronto top his list of hundreds of happy clients. It also includes Matrix Canada, Dessange Canada, McCarthy Tetrault Law, Kaufman Laramée Law, Bermuda Corporate & Trust Law, Studio 1 Productions, The Idea Hunter, Paul Smiths’ College, Montreal Improv, Centaur Theatre, Imago Theatre, Ted Smith Entertainment, Le Butler Marketing, Radiologie Dix30, Anna Cuisine, Jayne’s Gourmet Catering, DT Floral & Décor, ENSEMBLE pour le respect de la diversité, and the Students’ Society of McGill University, along with dozens of performers, bands, non-profits and student groups.



A well-rounded storyteller

Aquil is more than comfortable in front of a crowd.
In grade 10, Aquil was the first junior ever to beat out the senior class and win the school’s speech competition. Later, as the president and debating champion of his high school, he spoke every week in front of hundreds of his peers. Now, as a performer and coach within the Montreal Improv community, he continues to develop his varied abilities as a public speaker to fully express the story behind his artistic projects. He has been invited to improv festivals in Toronto, Vancouver, and of course, Montreal. These skills complement his faculties as a professional visual artist, a graphic designer, as well as a budding videographer.


Open to your next creative project

Whether it’s an upcoming event or some graphic work that needs to be done, get in touch. To give you a ballpark range, I charge from $300 up to $2500 for live painting projects and $55/hour usually for design work.

Send an email to get started, ideally with your project’s details, preferred timeline and perhaps a budget range you have in mind. Your support and your confidence is very much appreciated.

Truly interactive

Aquil has been creating collaborative artworks for over 10 years.
Since his early high school days, he has coupled a simple enthusiasm for art with his contagious confidence to engage people in his interactive art process. With a straightforward prompt, Aquil urges participants to take part in the fun, either by writing or drawing something that will be integrated into the greater whole. His way of working makes the process of art both meaningful and memorable, differentiating Aquil among the leaders in the live event entertainment industry.


Notable quotes from the press

Cassandra Marsillo (Artistorian) on “100 artworks in 1 week”:
“Virani’s creativity shines through this project. It was playful and fun, but throughout it all, you clearly understood that he had (and has) something important to say and to share with his audience…Clearly, Virani isn’t afraid of a challenge.”

Jessica Prupas (Leacock’s Magazine) on “COPYCAT”:
“The charismatic Virani…is the people’s artist. It would be hard to find someone so enthusiastic about the idea of involving the viewer in every step of the artistic process.”

Éric Clément (La Presse) sur “L’autoportrait canadien”:
“Fondamentalement artiste depuis son plus jeune âge, designer pour l’entreprise L’Oréal pour faire fructifier son talent et conférencier aux États-Unis de temps en temps, Aquil Virani est animé d’un irrépressible désir de communiquer avec les autres…Avec ces mots et ces dessins, Aquil Virani a élaboré une installation artistique et sociale d’une grande richesse qui a nécessité 200 heures de travail.”


An unconventional path

Aquil didn’t follow a conventional route to a life as a professional artist and designer.
He chose to pursue academic studies at McGill University with the J.W.McConnell Major Scholarship, even though he was accepted early into the highly competitive Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (now, ECUAD). There, he put on the first ever solo art shows at McGill University and nurtured his self-driven passion while completing an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Marketing. He believes strongly that art should be accessible, in all ways, to everyone. Using his live art projects as a platform, he has spent years inspiring others to return to their creative pursuits and reminding them how simple and fun art-making can be.


Solo shows + art projects

My Canada, Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, Halifax, NS. (upcoming)
The 100 Project: 100 Artworks in 1 Week, Montreal.
“Qu’est-ce qui vous fait vous sentir chez vous ?” TEDxHEC conference, Montreal.
Ronald McDonald House Charity, Mississauga. (upcoming)
#IBelieveSurvivors: Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Montreal. (upcoming)
Love Letters to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Toronto.
“Tronald Dump” Balloon Project, 200 King Street, Toronto.
Your Last Creative Moment, CSFX16, Toronto.
Truth and Reconciliation Commission Awareness Campaign, Canadian Roots Exchange. Montreal.
Book illustration for Joe Gass’ “Oswald and Jeremy in England.” New York. (upcoming)

Canada’s Self Portrait Launch Event, Canada-wide art project, Montreal.
The 24 Project: 24 artworks in 24 hours for my 24th birthday, Montreal.
We Are All Artists Project (Live Painting and keynote speech), Paul Smith’s College, New York.
“What Does Innovation Look Like?” Babson College Entrepreneurship Forum, Boston.
#100PourcentHumain: Project L’Empathie. ENSEMBLE pour le respect de la diversité. Montreal.
Live Painting project sponsored by MindGeek, Laval.

Canada’s Self Portrait, Cross-Canada Trip, Canada.
ARTPROV, Art and Improv Event, Montreal Improv, Montreal.
We Are All Artists Project (Live Painting and keynote speech), Paul Smith’s College, New York.
Live painting, “Half-truth” Musical Event with Matthew Hiscock, Montreal.
Colorgraphics Creative Challenge, L’Oréal Canada (Matrix Canada), Montreal.
Painting donation to “Matthieu Mon Ange” fundraiser, Montreal.
Live painting, The Nest Café Grand Opening Event, Montreal.

We Are All Artists Project (Live Painting and keynote speech), Paul Smith’s College, New York.
Live painting donation, De La Rue Aux Étoiles, Dans la rue, Montreal.
Set design and painting, Players’ Theatre production of Macbeth, Montreal.

COPYCAT Solo Show, Fridge Door Gallery, Montreal.
Public art commission (large mural), McConnel Engineering Building at McGill University, Montreal.
Live drawing commission, School of Extended Learning, Concordia University, Montreal.

MINDFCUK Solo Show, Fridge Door Gallery, Montreal.
Aquil Virani Solo Show, Service Canada Centre, Montreal.
Body painting, ECOuture 2011 Fashion Show, Club 737. Montreal.
Live painting, TEDxEvent, Bain Mathieu, Montreal.

Live painting, “ARTifact,” TNC Theatre, McGill University, Montreal.
Live painting donation, ECOuture 2010, Fashion Show Montreal Science Centre, Montreal.

“What Makes You Happy?” Project, McGill’s Nuit Blanche. Montreal.


Teaching, workshops, talks

Guest speaker, TEDxHEC conference, Montreal.
Arts Curriculum Leader, Centauri Arts Camp, Toronto. (upcoming)
Guest speaker, Work Your BA, McGill University, Montreal.

Resident artist and keynote speaker, We Are All Artists Project, Paul Smith’s College, New York.
Guest speaker, Southridge High School, Vancouver.

Presenter and panelist, Canadian Race Relations Foundation Symposium, Ottawa.
Resident artist and workshop facilitator, Southridge High School, Vancouver.
Resident artist and keynote speaker, We Are All Artists Project, Paul Smith’s College, New York.
Sessional workshop facilitator, Overture With The Arts, Riverdale High School, Montreal.
Guest speaker, Southridge High School, Vancouver.

Resident artist and keynote speaker, We Are All Artists Project, Paul Smith’s College, New York.
Sessional workshop facilitator, Overture With The Arts, Riverdale High School, Montreal.

Resident artist and speaker, We Are All Artists Project, Southridge High School, Vancouver.



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Group shows

“Art and the law.” Thompson House Gallery. McGill University. Montreal.

Dans la nature, Galerie Mile-End, Montreal.
Equinoxe, Galerie USINE 106u, Montreal.

“Skeletonic.” Cinema du Parc. Montreal.

“L’Expression.” Prestige Studios. Montreal.

“Light Bite.” Light Night Festival, Nottingham, United Kingdom.
“ECOuture 2011.” Caramel Lounge, Montreal.
“SEDE Calendar” vernissage, Faculty Club, McGill University, Montreal.

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