Aquil Virani is a visual artist based in Tkaronto (Toronto) and Tio’tia:ke (Montréal).

Awarded as the “Artist For Peace 2018” by the Quebec-based artist collective “Les artistes pour la paix,” Aquil Virani is a visual artist who integrates public participation into his socially-conscious art projects.

He exhibited his award-winning “Canada’s Self Portrait” project at the Canadian Museum of Immigration in Halifax. He won an award from the Michaelle Jean Foundation to produce his “Postering Peace” art documentary. His collaborative artwork honouring Québec City Muslims was featured in the Globe and Mail. As curator Celine Le Merlus of the Stewart Hall Art Gallery explains, “his approach, which aims not simply to assert a personal point of view on a pressing social issue, but also to facilitate opportunities for others to express themselves freely – to speak and be heard – is characteristic of all of Aquil’s work.” For him, every decision he makes is political because it affects the ongoing power dynamics, struggles and injustices in the world – his art is no exception.

As Éric Clément observed in his article for La Presse, “Aquil Virani could not be more Canadian.” It is his culturally diverse upbringing that informs his focus on social issues. He was born in Vancouver, British Columbia to two immigrant parents; his Catholic mother was an early childhood educator from northern France and his Muslim father was a chartered accountant of Indian descent, originally born in Tanzania in East Africa.

Aquil is driven by a desire to communicate socially relevant ideas in an accessible, interactive and engaging way.
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