Aquil Virani is a visual artist based in Montreal (Tio’tia:ke).

He exhibited his award-winning “Canada’s Self Portrait” project at the Canadian Museum of Immigration in Halifax.
He won an award from the Michaelle Jean Foundation for his “Postering Peace” art documentary.
His collaborative artwork honouring Québec City Muslims was featured in the Globe and Mail.
Aquil Virani travels throughout North America with the goal of making meaningful art.

Aquil distinguishes himself not only by his skill and his energy, but also by his interactive process. He asks participants to write, draw or speak based on a particular prompt before integrating these responses into a collective whole. The result? Collaborative artwork with a colourful, urban flair that engages both the heart and the mind.

Aquil strengthens the impact of his creative projects with graphic design and public speaking skills.

He is a member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada as well as a performer and coach within the Montreal Improv community. As a result, Aquil’s client list includes organizations like the NHL, L’Oréal, McGill University, Maybelline, Shoppers Drug Mart, Just For Laughs and McCarthy Tetrault LLP. He has been featured extensively on television, radio, print and online both nationally and internationally.

Aquil’s unconventional path is a perfect example of how passion, persistence and privilege can bring humble dreams to life.

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