Canada’s Self Portrait is a collaborative art project about who we are and what we stand for as Canadians. We (Rebecca Jones and artist Aquil Virani) have successfully gotten over 700 participants to fill out a one-page worksheet that includes a spot for a quick drawing about Canadian identity. Those sketches will be re-produced and integrated into a larger “truly Canadian” artwork that will be unveiled at the official launch on July 1st, 2015 in Montreal!

After surpassing our goal of raising $2000 on Indiegogo during the summer of 2014, we travelled coast-to-coast to gather hundreds of sketches and stories among the general public of all 13 provinces and territories. Our cause attracted dozens of press opportunities, on television, radio, and in print as we updated our travel blog from city to city. With the Canadian Minister of Multiculturalism Tim Uppal and Minister of Citizenship Chris Alexander happily participating in the project, we were invited to present our project at the annual Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) Symposium in Ottawa.

Email us and you’ll be kept in the loop when the artwork is unveiled!


Our project has been featured on television, on the radio, and in print all over the country. Thousands of people have seen what we’re doing thanks in large part to our media coverage. Now, we need your help to bring the project to life!





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The Maple Syrup Club ($750): Duane Jones. The Group of Seven Club ($350): Dominique Pattinier. Anonymous. The Moose Club ($100): Rory Ewing. Anne Jones. Anna LeBlanc. Smudge Jones. The Beaver Tail Club ($40): The Groves Family ($50). Allison Rothschild ($50). Samuel Jones. The Canada Goose Club ($15): Matthew Chaim. Emily Murphy. Elizabeth Scott. Jennifer Ho ($30). Florence Peters. Claudia Atomei. Eve-Marie Paiement ($25). Anonymous. The Hockey Stick Club ($10): Anastasia Regen.