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CANADA’S SELF PORTRAIT is a story about artist Aquil Virani’s coast-to-coast trip across Canada to gather sketches and stories from the general public of all 13 provinces and territories to create a truly collaborative painting of what it means to be Canadian. The trip will yeild a body of artwork, a book and a short documentary.



We want answers. We want authenticity. We want unity. We want to know the truth about Canadian identity. And we want to hear from the people directly. We want to see Canada for ourselves. And above all, we want to create rich, beautiful artwork that is truly Canadian.



My name is Aquil Virani and I’m an artist, designer and speaker based in Montreal. You can learn more about my story by clicking here.



Rebecca Jones (b. Victoria, BC, Canada) is a bilingual workshop facilitator and project manager for ENSEMBLE for the respect of diversity, a Montreal-based organization that promotes respect for differences among thousands of Quebec students to foster a positive environment free of discrimination.



  1. The main activity is filling out this form with written answers and a small sketch about Canadian identity.
  2. Photos will be taken of enthusiastic participants holding up a white board that says, “Canada is…”
  3. Video logs will be shot where participants share their take on Canadian identity.



The words, sketches, photos and video footage will be used to create 3 project deliverables.

  1. A body of artwork that includes a major painting that features the re-painted sketches
  2. A book that includes scraps from the trip, blog posts, images and artworks
  3. A documentary that includes responses from different participants and footage of the art production process.



Your support means a lot to us. This is what you can do.

  1. Share your thoughts about the project with us (email us!) and/or your network (Facebook, for example)
  2. Download this form and email us with your scanned response.
    You could answer the questions in an email and attach a sketch.
    And if you’re a super keener, you can get your friends to fill out the form too!


Thanks so much to our Indiegogo contributors! We successfully raised more than $2000 for the project!
The Maple Syrup Club ($750): Duane Jones.
The Group of Seven Club ($350): Dominique Pattinier. Anonymous.
The Moose Club ($100): Rory Ewing. Anne Jones. Anna LeBlanc. Smudge Jones.
The Beaver Tail Club ($40): The Groves Family ($50). Allison Rothschild ($50). Samuel Jones.
The Canada Goose Club ($15): Matthew Chaim. Emily Murphy. Elizabeth Scott. Jennifer Ho ($30). Florence Peters. Claudia Atomei. Eve-Marie Paiement ($25). Anonymous.
The Hockey Stick Club ($10): Anastasia Regen.