Before your blog takes off – before everyone and their smart-phone-yeilding dog is checking it out – how can you stay motivated to keep updating it?

Well, for one, you can think about the cheap Zoloft few that you know will look at it. I’m pretty sure your mom will read it. You know that people pop in once in a while after thinking, “Wow, I haven’t heard from ‘so-and-so’ in a bit.” You can be fairly sure that people checking out your website will pop over to your blog to see what’s up.

With easy-to-use programs like Google Analytics, you can see almost exactly how many people are stopping by. You can see which posts people are looking at. How long people are staying on which pages. You can get a rough picture of your reach to motivate you, for sure. Think about those you know are buy Prozac online actually looking at it.

More than anything however, you can  buy prednisone online blog for yourself. As a test of discipline. As a public record of progress. As a maintenance regime of your mental playground of thinking and writing.

You might have figured out that the “you” in this post is actually “me”. Aquil.

I’m blogging for you. And I’m blogging for me.