Do you remember when you were a kid, and someone did something nice for you in the presence of your parents. They would ask this leading question that was more of a request:

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“What do you say, Aquil?” It was there way of reminding us to be grateful. Reminding us to say thank you. And more and more these days, I find myself thinking that I don’t say “thank you” enough. So thank you. For your attention. For your visit. For your support. Thank you for your positivity. For your encouragement. Thank you for the random email that picks me up on a tougher day. For the quick mention on Facebook. For subscribing. Thank you for telling your friends about me. For calling me “this cool, creative, and surprisingly handsome artist-guy I know.” Thanks for checking in once in a while, both with my art and my life. For keeping me as a part of your life. For not forgetting about me when life gets busy. Thank you.