We Are All Artists


This is the feature piece of my second solo art show that garnered media attention from Global News Montreal, CUTV, and several on- and off-campus publications in the university sphere of Montreal. I learned that calling yourself an artist is purely a mental attitude and no one needs to wait for permission.

The “We Are All Artists” Project that has taken me across North America started right here with this painting. It includes hundreds of contributions from various members of the McGill community in Montreal. Ultimately, my goal was to include the general public in the process of art creation. I often say that if you have the motor skills to write ‘a, b, and c’ on a piece of paper, then you have the motor skills to draw. The joy of drawing and the feeling of creating beautiful artwork is something I love to share with others.

As Jessica Prupas of Leacock’s Magazine writes, “It would be hard to find someone more enthusiastic about the idea of involving the viewer in every step of the artistic process. The charismatic Virani … is the people’s artist.”