Artist Aquil Virani creates 25th Anniversary Collaborative Art Mural at Southridge School.

The award-winning painter asked each of the 680 Junior and Senior School students at Southridge School to draw on a sticky-note that was integrated directly into the participatory artwork.

Each contributor was able to recognize their doodle on the final work, and in doing so, understand how they can both express their unique individuality and fit into a wider community. The artistic task is enormous, but lucky for Virani, he knows when to ask for help. “It’s a visual metaphor for community,” says the artist. Tasked with the epic goal of commemorating 25 years of learning, excellence and growth, the former Southridge student has chosen to give others a chance to share their idea of what makes Southridge so special to them. “How can you possibly pay homage to 25 years? This anniversary – and this school – are much bigger than any one image, one viewpoint or one voice. That’s why the collaborative aspect is so fitting.”