“Our Immigrant Stories” is a collaborative art project celebrating the achievements, big and small, of those who have immigrated to this land, hosted by the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 and its Artist-in-Residence Aquil Virani.

Who are the immigrant heroes in your life? What have they contributed to Canada? How have they helped you personally? Participants across Canada were invited to submit their stories and amplify their hero’s contribution through writing, photographs, or video. Artist Aquil Virani integrated the public submissions into an animated collage (seen above), a series of 6 multimedia artworks, and an anthology book of the submitted stories.

6 collaborative artworks:

“100 immigrant stories,” the book:

You can order the book, “100 immigrant stories,” by clicking here.

Collages from “Our immigrant stories”

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Dig deeper in this interview with the artist.

Click here to read an artist interview between the artist and the Museum’s Anthony Black.

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