This is a venue preview I created when designing the logo for The Nest. I learned that patience can pay off, that designs can grow on you.

I was approached by the Operations Manager prior to the launch to start on a rushed branding project. We started with a very thorough brainstorming process. I asked them a host of questions about their brand. Important details like, “What is the unique selling point (USP) of The Nest?” as well as exploratory exercises like, “If The Nest were an animal, what would they be and why?”

Within a few weeks, we had settled in on a design, using the “n” as a small symbol that would find its way onto everything that The Nest would brand. Websites, posters, Uniforms. It worked well because it worked bilingually – for The Nest, and for Le Nid.

After identifying the main brand attributes to strengthen (student-centric, every-changing, homey), I created five initial designs and five more logo concepts after our initial feedback session. Soon, we found ourselves coming back to the very first design that we had created. With a few tweaks, it was ready for public viewing.