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been attracted to bright colors; they simply make me happy. For a short time, I was lucky to have the company of one of Aquil’s creations at my desk and found there was something magnetic about it. I would find myself staring at it every time I needed to be re-energized or when I needed inspiration. It was soothing yet alive with color and movement. buy Prozac online When the painting left, there was an emptiness and I knew I had to have one that was made especially for me! This painting is by my side, it stares at me with one determined eye, her face is impassible yet the shocking bright colors convey many emotions. When I look at her, she whispers: you can do anything!”

– Marianna Licciardello is an extremely capable and approachable project leader at L’Oréal as well as a wonderful make-up artist. (You’re the best!) Her commission was an 18 x 36 inch acrylic painting on canvas.