This is a 10-minute painting I created for L’Oreal (Matrix) using hair color products and acrylic paints. I learned that just because something works on hair … does not mean it will work on canvas!

The idea was to show that the haircolor products could be used straight out of the tube similar to paints. After creating the artwork live, I was approached by Sylvie Forest who asked if I would donate the painting to her charitable cause. I read a bit about it and quickly agreed, making sure to create an artist statement that she could post up at her silent auction.

This is the French artist statement: Crée en direct sur ​​place lors d’un événement L’Oréal (Matrix Canada), cette œuvre montre qu’il y a la créativité où il y a la passion. Le personnage féminin de déesse émerge de sa mer colorée de cheveux en prenant une respiration dans un moment d’inspiration.

[UPDATE!] The artwork sold at the silent auction and raised over $500.00 for Mathieu Mon Ange (Mathieu, My Angel)! I got a nice thank you from Sylvie who was very pleased all around.

Below, you see another live painting I did for L’Oreal a few weeks later at a similar event (with different distributors). Many of the guests appreciated this one for the more realistic nature of the face. While I was painting, the attendees were given markers and portraits with no hair so that they could sketch in their own hairstyle. Afterwards, we put together all of the artwork – my painting along with a collage of their drawings – and unveiled it to a roaring applause!