Next stop: Free art!

The Montreal-based artist has sold artworks between $20 and $2000, but this fall, he’s not asking for anything except appreciation. He’s leaving his art at bus stops around Montreal.

“I want the artwork to be loved, to be cherished in a new home. I want people who I would have never met, or people who wouldn’t normally buy original art, to encounter the work and feel lucky. I want to make their day.”

Virani decided to use bus stops not only because they shelter the art from any unforeseen weather changes, but also because of their place in the community. “People use bus stops to take a quick break from the hustle of their lives. Bus stops are a little pause in the stories of so many different people. And they’re throughout the city.”

All pieces are accompanied by a bilingual slip of paper that gives permission to take the artwork. “If you were to see art at a bus stop, you might be curious, but you also might be skeptical.” The goal was to clarify that the art was there to be taken while connecting the new fan to Virani’s website and contact info.

Make a donation

While the art is hands-down free, no strings attached, Virani has been asked if he might accept financial support from delighted giftees. Any donation, however small, can be directed towards one of his favourite non-profits, ENSEMBLE pour le respect de la diversité, a leader in diversity education celebrating its 20th anniversary that empowers over 25,000 youth every year in primary and secondary schools, public and private, anglophone and francophone, to stand up against bullying and discrimination.

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