Have a look at what I’ve done before.

I’d love the opportunity to create collaborative art at your event.

I think I get it. Organizing an event and coordinating all of the moving parts is hard enough. With the venue, the food, the logistics, the important guests, and the inevitable last minute changes, it can be hard to find time to even think about the new, creative additions that make your event not just successful, but remarkable.

After having worked with dozens of event coordinators, conference organizers and marketing professionals, they’ve told me repeatedly that it’s tough to find experienced and reliable creative talent that works within their budget. Like you, they want something easy to integrate. Yet something original. Something customizable to their specific audience and setup. Something interactive, but not all-consuming, that provides a memorable centerpiece to get the conversation going without drowning out voices and squashing any opportunity for guests to chat. The perfect balance.

Get in touch with me and find out what I could do for your particular event. Enjoy the creativity and spontaneity of live, interactive painting. Watch as willing participants respond to a fun and easy prompt. Witness the delighted smiles of guests who see their contributions integrated into the communal artwork right before their eyes. And just wait. Wait for the praise to roll in for such a well-organized and creative event. (I know I’m dreaming, but it’s good to have goals, right?)

For almost 10 years now and running, hundreds of clients have contacted me to use my creative energy to make something special. They have not just contacted me, but they have trusted me to deliver, exclaimed how surprised they were, even with such high expectations, and never looked back. They agree with me. There’s nothing quite like the inclusive fun of live, interactive artwork.

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How it actually works

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I want to explain how the process works in concrete terms. A phone call is best, but this should give you a more tangible idea. I can be as open or as self-directed as you like.

1. Budget and logistics
We look at the available budget and the logistics of art supplies, easel rental, travel, accommodation and transportation after confirming my availability for the event date.
2. Prompt and image
We decide on a theme or an open-ended prompt upon which I develop the main image of the artwork.
(For example: “Write what makes you happy” with main image of smiling children)
3. Event schedule
We plan the schedule, discussing the best time and place to explain the project to participants, to engage with them personally, and to create the piece. Then, I get to work preparing what I need!


You can learn more about my story or get in touch right away.

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Click here to read more about me, including my short biography and artist CV.
Email me at aquilvirani[at]gmail[dot]com by clicking here. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.
Click here to download the live art deck with images of testimonials of past clients.


I feel so grateful that I get to do what I love for a living.
Thank you for that.