Artist Aquil Virani creates live painting at CSFX16 conference in Toronto in collaboration with NBA All-Star Weekend and the T1 Agency.


This 4-by-6-foot collaborative painting was created on “Creativity Day” at the T1 Agency’s CSFX16 marketing conference in Toronto, hosted by the NBA All-Star Weekend.

I asked participants about the last creative thing they did and integrated each of their written responses into the basketball-themed artwork. Speakers, delegates and event staff took different approaches to the prompt, mentioning a myriad of creative activities from “fruitful brainstorming sessions” to “improvised storytelling with the kids.”


Graham Lee, the Chief Creative Officer at T1, hosted the event.


It was such a well-run conference; they even had fancy CSFX16-branded note-taking paper.


Who is that smiley guy?