What is “33 hospital delights”?

Behind the scenes this past year, I had two month-long hospital stays. I was starved for social time and a sense of familiar routine, so I decided to start writing down little things that brought me joy.

In a weekly email to friends and family updating them about my health, I started a “list of hospital delights.” For my 33rd birthday, I decided to publish 33 of them on social media. And here we are. 

For you, is graphic design a form of visual art?

Design is commonly distinguished from fine art in terms of function or strategic objectives – you design something with particular goals in mind. I use graphic design as one of the tools in my artistic toolbox. Just like painting or writing or sound editing, it’s a set of skills that I can use to convey an idea or execute a project.  

This is a birthday art project. When did this idea of taking on creative challenges for your birthday start?

Back in 2011, I spent my birthday painting and I loved it. I thought, “What a wonderful way to treat myself and spend the day doing something I love.” For my 24th birthday, I created 24 artworks in 24 hours. It’s a lot of fun to make something to mark your birthday. And it definitely helps me remember how old I am throughout the year.  

Did you do any other art projects related to your hospitalizations this past year?

One of the projects I created while in hospital was called “124.” Presented in solidarity with Ontario’s nurses and health care workers, the 124 project shows photographs from my most recent hospitalization in Toronto.” You can read more about it here.