29 messages à Quebec

For the 3rd anniversary of the Quebec City Mosque Attack, I created and delivered booklets containing 29 messages of hope, healing and solidarity, crowdsourced from the public all over the world and illustrated using stencils and black spray-paint.

After collecting messages from the crowd at a candlelight vigil for the victims in Montreal, I launched an open call online for additional submissions. Short expressions came from all over the world – in English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Persian and Arabic. I chose 29 of them to illustrate in black and white using spray paint and handcuff stencils.

Thank you to the Silk Road Institute, TakingItGlobal and the Government of Canada for their financial support. Shoutout to the following individuals for their help: Anna Bunce, Binish Ahmed, Glory Sikka, Bea Alexander, Gurprasad Green, Marianna Licciardello, Mohamed Mimoun, Gina Granter, Manal Alhamwi, Ali Di Paolo, Nakita Valerio, Eve-Marie Paiement, Alvina Nadeem, Navidad Mg, Valerie Behiery, Howard Mitnick, Mercedeh Baroque, Mohamed Shaheen, Jennifer Corriero, Charaf Amhaouch, Zébida Bendjeddou, Amira Bahmed, Linda Bahmed, Mona Mohamed, Claudia Atomei, Rebecca Jones, Alex Tran, Morgane CG, Ariel Harlap, Meags Fitzgerald, Shanti Gonzales, Hadi Salami, Fatima Saya, Céline Le Merlus, Mark Rostrup, Lisa Kannakko, Kim Boucher-Morin, and Dominique Noor.